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How to Take Great Care of Your Sheepskin Slippers

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Sheepskin slippers need to be well taken care of if you are to enjoy their numerous benefits, such as their antibacterial properties, for long. This article offers some helpful tips that you can implement in order to keep those new sheepskin slippers looking and feeling great on your feet for a long time.

Avoid Direct Heat Exposure

Sheepskin slippers should remain soft and pliable at all times in order for you to enjoy the comfort that they offer. Direct heat is the number one enemy of keeping the sheepskin soft. Heat, such as the heat generated by a fireplace, can cause the sheepskin slippers to become stiff. This can cause the leather to crack. Avoid this eventuality by keeping the leather away from all sources of heat in your home.

Brush and Vacuum the Wool

Develop a habit of vacuuming and brushing the wool on your sheepskin slippers regularly, such as once every fortnight. A grooming brush can be an excellent tool to use for this purpose. This regular attention will keep that wool in a good, fluffy condition.

Use a Nylon Brush

You should also acquire a nylon bristle brush if you own sheepskin slippers. This brush will be useful for removing dirt from the suede leather on the outer parts of the slippers. The bristles of this brush will also help to restore the fibres of the leather to their upright orientation.

Handle Soiled Sections Carefully

Sheepskin slippers may still become soiled even if you only use them indoors. When that happens, your first line of attack should be to sponge off that soiled section using a moderately wet sponge. You can take the slippers for fur-cleaning in case the soiling is so extensive that sponging will not fix it.

Remove the Insoles Occasionally

It is also a good habit to frequently remove the insoles of your sheepskin slippers in order to allow them to air dry. This step is necessary because those insoles absorb plenty of sweat and moisture from your feet. You should therefore wash them by hand or using your washing machine before leaving them to air dry away from a direct source of heat.

Your sheepskin slippers will last for a very long time if you only use them indoors and implement all the suggestions above. Ask the supplier to give you any additional information that can help you to enjoy the full benefits that sheepskin slippers have to offer.