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Wet and Wild: A Guide to 3 Kinds of Lube

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As well as increasing the pleasure you feel during sex, lube can also help to keep you and your partner healthy by reducing the chance that microscopic tears will occur in soft tissue during sex. Lube is also very useful if you are a female who has issues with vaginal dryness, which can result in sex feeling uncomfortable or painful. However, when it comes to lube, it does much more than make things nice and slippy. There are different types of lubrication on the market which provide added extras.

Flavoured Lube

When they were first produced, flavoured lubes would often taste too sweet or else they would leave an unpleasant chemical aftertaste. However, thanks to advances in technology, modern wet stuff flavoured lubricant now tastes great. Another drawback was the limited number of flavours which were available, which used to be limited to banana, chocolate and strawberry. However, there are now a vast array of flavours which have been developed, such as cherry, pineapple, passion fruit, and even Pina Colada. This means you can mix it up in the bedroom and find a lube which is just to you and your partner's taste. 

Sensation Lube

In recent years, sensation lube has become an increasingly popular choice for many couples. These types of lubes have special added ingredients which create a skin sensation when applied to your skin. The two most popular types of sensation lube are warming and tingle. As the name suggests, a warming lube will make the area it is applied to feel warm, and this can really get you or your partner fired up in the bedroom. Tingle lubes do as the name suggests and create a light tingling sensation which can heighten your pleasure. However, if you opt to invest in some sensation lube, it is important to start off by applying a small amount to a less sensitive part of the body. This will allow you to judge how the lube makes you feel and the amount you may want to use during sex. If you apply it too liberally, you may find it actually detracts from the experience.

Pregnancy Lube

If you are trying for a baby but also want to use lube in the bedroom, it is important to realise that most lubes will inhibit the movement of sperm. However, pregnancy lubes are designed to allow sperm to swim freely through the lubricant, which will increase your chance of success.

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